Retrieves the Common Era Global Surface Temperature Reconstructions. Source is PAGES2k Consortium and NOAA National Centers for Environmental Information.

get_temp2k(use_cache = TRUE, write_cache = getOption("hs_write_cache"))



(boolean) Return cached data if available, defaults to TRUE. Use FALSE to fetch updated data.


(boolean) Write data to cache, defaults to FALSE. Use TRUE to write data to cache for later use. Can also be set using options(hs_write_cache=TRUE)


Invisibly returns a tibble with filtered and unfiltered temperature reconstructions and Cowtan & Way instrumental temperatures.

get_temp2k invisibly returns a tibble with the PAGES2k Consortium temperature reconstruction (years 1-2000 CE) and instrumental record (years 1850-2017 CE). Temperatures represent deviations from the 1961-1990 mean.

The returned object includes annual average temperature anomalies as well as filtered anomalies using a 31-year Butterworth filter. Reconstructions use seven different statistical methods that draw from a global collection of temperature-sensitive palaeoclimate records.

Methodology described in PAGES2k (2019)



Hernando Cortina,


# \donttest{ # Fetch temp anomaly from cache if available: anomaly <- get_temp2k() # # Force cache refresh: anomaly <- get_temp2k(use_cache=FALSE) # # Review cache contents and last update dates: hockeystick_cache_details()
#> <hockeystick cached files> #> directory: C:\Users\hch\AppData\Local/R/cache/R/hockeystick #>
# # Plot output using package's built-in ggplot2 settings plot_temp2k(anomaly) # }