Retrieves Global Carbon Project (GCP) annual global carbon dioxide emissions since 1750 from Our World In Data repository

get_emissions(use_cache = TRUE, write_cache = getOption("hs_write_cache"))



(boolean) Return cached data if available, defaults to TRUE. Use FALSE to fetch updated data.


(boolean) Write data to cache, defaults to FALSE. Use TRUE to write data to cache for later use. Can also be set using options(hs_write_cache=TRUE)


Invisibly returns a tibble with annual carbon dioxide emissions


get_emissions invisibly returns a tibble with GCP's annual carbon dioxide emissions in aggregate and for every nation. The returned object includes ISO code, country, year, co2 emissions, growth rates, per capita, and decompositions by industry and gas type. Please refer to above website for details.


Friedlingstein, P. et al (2020), Global Carbon Budget 2020, Earth System Science Data, vol. 12, 3269-3340 doi: 10.5194/essd-12-3269-2020


Hernando Cortina,


# \donttest{ # Fetch from cache if available: emissions <- get_emissions() # # Force cache refresh: emissions <- get_emissions(use_cache=FALSE) # # Review cache contents and last update dates: hockeystick_cache_details()
#> <hockeystick cached files> #> directory: C:\Users\hch\AppData\Local/R/cache/R/hockeystick #>
# # Plot output using package's built-in ggplot2 settings plot_emissions(emissions) # }